Frequently Asked Questions

What types of courses are available in the Tricentis School?

There are two types of courses in the Tricentis School:

  • Hands On courses that have lesson videos with accompanying exercises, solution videos subsets, final assessment etc.
  • Video only courses that have only the lesson videos

Both come with Certificate of Achievement on completion.

Which browser should be used to access the Tricentis School?

The Tricentis School supports modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported and not recommended.

What do you need to install before you can complete a Hands-on course?

In Tricentis Tosca:

In order to complete a Hands-on course, you will need to have Tricentis Tosca installed on your machine, as well as a valid license. As part of your training, you can once request a one time 8-week training license, free of charge. You can request a training license from our Support Portal:

Please note that a valid Tricentis Support Portal account is required in order to request a training license. You can register for a support portal account here:

Only after you have requested a license, you will also be able to download Tricentis Tosca from our downloads page:

If you don't hold a valid license (a trial license is also a valid license) for Tricentis Tosca, you will not be able to see the items in the Downloads section.

For more information on the process of requesting a training license and downloading Tricentis Tosca, check out this Knowledge Base article:

In qTest:

To complete the exercises in this Tricentis qTest training, you need to have a qTest environment. If you don't have an existing environment, either online or on premise, please download the free 14-day qTest trial license accessed here:

Please see the FAQs for details on how you can request this.

Please note, this trial license expires after 14 days.

Please fill out all relevant fields in the form provided in the link.

In the form, create your own personal qTest Web Address. This URL will provide you with personal access to your qTest account and it must be unique. For instance, “”. Please also create a password for logging in to the qTest platform.

After filling out the form, you will receive an automatically generated E-mail. Please check your Spam Box or Filter to ensure you received it. The E-mail will contain your free 14-day trial access details, such as the Domain you specified and the Username

Can you log into Teachable using the Tricentis Support Portal credentials?

No. The Support Portal and the Tricentis School are separate. You will need to register an account for Teachable. It is Best Practice that you use the same email address for both platforms.

Will my Tricentis School certification appear in the "My Assets / Certificates" section of the Support Portal?

If you are registered to the support portal and the Tricentis School with the same email address then completions will be transferred from the Tricentis School into your Support Portal account. Please make sure to register on the Tricentis Support Portal before you complete any course.

Why does my certificate in the Tricentis School look different to the one in the "My Assets / Certificates" section of the support Portal?

Currently we have two different certificate designs. We are looking to consolidate the two so they will match. We aim to have this in place as soon as possible. Both types of certificate are equally valid!

I have completed a Tricentis School course, but did not have a Support Portal account. If I create a support Portal account now, will the certificate transfer over?

At the moment: no. You have to have a Tricentis School account and a Support Portal account both set up with the exact same email address before the course is completed. We are working on a solution for this so please be patient!

What is the difference between "My Courses" and "All Courses" on the navigation bar?:

After you have signed up for the school, "My Courses" will only show you the courses that you have enrolled to. "All Courses" shows all courses of the current School (Tricentis).

How do I enroll to a course?:

After logging in, go to "All Courses", select the course that you want to take. You will then see the course's welcome page. Here, click on "Enroll". All Tricentis courses in the Tricentis School are free of charge.

The following courses are not available on the Tricentis School:

  • Automation Engineer Level 2
  • Test Architect Level 1
  • Tricentis Integration Developer


How do I enroll to the courses Automation Engineer Level 2, Test Architect Level 1 or Tricentis Integration Developer?

If you are an employee of a Tricentis Partner: Please contact your manager to get the voucher code for the course you need.

If you are not an employee of a Tricentis Partner: You will need to contact [email protected] and request course enrollment. There, we will check if you have all the prerequisites needed.


What are the prerequisites for the courses Automation Engineer Level 2, Test Architect Level 1 or Tricentis Integration Developer?

To be enrolled on one of the following courses, you must fulfill the prerequisites:

Automation Engineer Level 2 and Tricentis Integration Developer: You have completed Automation Specialist Level 1, Automation Specialist Level 2, Automation Engineer Level 1 and have working knowledge of C#.

Test Architect Level 1: You have completed Automation Specialist Level 1, Automation Specialist Level 2, Automation Engineer Level 1, Test Design Specialist Level 1, Test Design Specialist Level 2.

I have moved to a new company, can I change the email address that my Tricentis School is registered to?

You can simply change your email address in the Tricentis School. Go to your Profile and click "Edit Profile". Remember, if you want your course to synchronize with your Support Portal account, this must have the same email address before you complete the course.

I started the course in your other education portal. Can I transfer it to the Tricentis School?

If you have active courses in our other portal, then you can either complete the course there, or enroll to the course in the Tricentis School, however, progress will be lost.

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password, by looking at this link: Please be aware you need to be able to receive emails from Teachable to be able to complete this process.